Here is my collage I’ve been working on. The topic is “The City”. 
Basically I’ve contrasted different type of cities. The main idea is to contract rich people and cities to the poor ones and the way people live in different parts of the world.
Hope you’ll like it.

The swans


I took those pictures recently , thought I’d share them with you (:


Talking to myself


I was walking down the road .. It was dark and cold. The streets were empty and I could only hear the sound of the deep and mysterious river. The wind was blowing my hair and my lips were so dry that I couldn’t even move them. I was so scared. I was thinking about my life and how afraid I was that one day , sooner or later, I was going to be alone and lonely . Strangely, for the whole of my life , that’s been the only thing that could scare me to death. I was feeling so blue , thinking and thinking.. I was far away from the people I loved , the people who have always been there for me , the people who supported me and truly loved me , not the fake ones , not the ones who only cared for me when they only needed me. I just kept walking and thinking , asking myself thousands of questions, trying to calm myself down and be more confident about my future. I lost myself long ago .. I lost myself, when I left the people I loved by pushing my soul away .. to go and chase my dreams.Those dreams never came true …

While I was walking I saw and old man , sitting on a bench, looking at the river .. His hair was grey, I could clearly see his deep forehead wrinkles and droopy eyelids. I could easily see the pain in his eyes and somehow was able to read the whole of his life .. I stopped breathing for a moment, remembering all my fears and all the things I was thinking about earlier on.

He looked at me and he smiled, I smiled back and went away ..

The Law of Attraction


“Think white and you will meet white, think black and you will meet black.”


Centuries after people said this proverb the metaphysics proved that our thoughts become materialized, and also that thought, speech and matter are the three aggregate conditions of energy. Everything that happens to us depends on the frequency of our thoughts. Whatever we have in our mind will happen in real. That is what modern metaphysics calls The Law of Attraction.

According to this law if we want the good comes to us we should concentrate our thoughts and words not on the problem but on its solution. For example, if we need more money we should not say “I need more money” or “I will not be poor” but we’d better say “I have more money” or “I will have more money”. That is because the universe and energy do not understand the word “not” and this way the focus stays on the need of something, on the problem. Therefore, we must only think and pronounce positive words.  Repeating positive models and words is extremely important. No matter if at first we do not believe in what we say. But we all know that quantitative accumulation leads to qualitative change. Therefore, the more we repeat, the more we start to believe.

Another essential step of the Law of Attraction is visualization – what we see in our minds. Dreaming is the medicine for our souls. We must imagine what we want to happen to us. It will also be wonderful if we can feel that dream with our senses: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin. This way our though is more likely to become true because we are already experiencing our dream.

Although this natural law has been known forever, it has been very popularized lately by books and films like “The Secret”. This book explains the principles of the Law of Attraction in details although it has not a scientific basis and for that reason a lot of questions appeared, like for example “If an accident happens, is that my fault?”.

Despite that the Law of Attraction, explained in the “The Secret”, is very popular and a large audience is already practicing it. More and more books and films has the law for their main point and more and more people share that they have felt the power of attracting happiness to themselves. And it is known since the world exists that good thoughts bring only good events.


“We should pray as if everything depends on God, and we should work as if everything depends on us!”


An interview with the most popular psychotherapist in Bulgaria, Madlen Algafari

She is one of the most favorite people we see on television. She is an extraordinary professional, amazing woman and one of the few people who remind us that the good thoughts are the key to good life. Here is what she shared with us:


  1. 1.    Lately a lot of therapists have been using tales to help their patients. You also wrote a book of tales. Why the grown up people do not believe in tales anymore? Why tales should be explained to them so they can understand them?  

It is exactly the grown up who believe in tales. It is those who have not grown up who do not believe. To be a grown up means one to be spiritually conscious.  Also the human soul always understands tales – it speaks with symbols and metaphors. Mind could sometimes make mistakes, but the soul never does – the same way it understands the language of poetry.

  1. 2.    Which is your favorite tale and how does it help you in the real world? 

All the worlds are real as long as people believe in them! I often tell the tale of the ugly duckling. A lot of Bulgarian people need it in order to understand that they are swans who have not yet found their real potential. Unfortunately because of the economic situation in our country a lot of the Bulgarian women see themselves in the role of Cinderella. But they must know that we all play different roles in our lives, every stage of life wants a role, but at the end Cinderella becomes the princess she really is.

  1. 3.    No matter how happy or sad all the tale characters are pretty and handsome. To what extend the appearance is important for the success in life? 


For sure less than the inner beauty. But we should take care of both kinds of beauty. It is the charisma and the good mood that make people beautiful. We all know what a smile could do, or laughter, or a charming person.

  1. 4.    Which is the most womanly quality? 


Oh, they are so many: the sense of connection, compassion, softness, flexibility, care, intuition, emotionality, etc. But we should not forget that there is something female in men as well as there is something male in women.

  1. 5.    Which are the five words that best describe Bulgarian women?


Wise, tough, dedicated, careful, loving.

  1. 6.    Would you please tell us in a few sentences a tale for grown up girls?


All the tales in my book Tales For Grown Up Children are for grown up girls and for grown up boys. In one sentence the tale is the following: “Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to grow up and because she wanted that so much, she really did”.  This is the message of all the tales. We can be as powerful as we think we deserve in order to be happy. When someone wants one can. Even though sometimes it is hard and slow.

  1. 7.    You already wrote several books. How did you decide to start writing and is writing a kind of therapy for you?

I have been writing since I was a schoolgirl. I cannot live without writing. It is more powerful than me. I want to do only this now. Writing charges and discharges me at the same time. It is my way of being wise, and being wise helps me to write…

  1. 8.     Which is the right recipe for happiness? 

We have to learn how to live with hypotheses, there are no absolute certainties! We should pray as if everything depends on God, and we should work as if everything depends on us.


The book that made me run with the wolves …


Among the piles of the so popular self-help literature finally a really good book appeared. Clarissa Estes’s “women who run with the Wolves” is an inspiring in deep look towards women’s wild nature. It is explanatory, profound and far from the feminist ideas which flood the pages of this kind of books.Based on the fairy mystic of folk tales, the book transfer   the modern women’s issues to those of their ancestors. Such an original and clever approach actually discovers the roots of women physiology, explains the nature of women’s soul conditions and finds the cure for many cultural and ethical “diseases”. The book is not a collection of advice “how to” and “how not to” do something in order to become the person you want to be. Such hollow and mercantile books are trying to make us build a new personality over the decaying body of a dead one – which is pointless and unhealthy. Here, in the woods, running with the wolves , the woman will face her nature. She will find out that what happens to her is not a problem but something completely natural. It is just a step towards her real self.

The books is not a prescription for a medicine, it’s a recipe for preparing the most tasty dish of a woman’s life – the ingredients are women’s nature, issues, love , art, worries, misfortunes, success, soul, dreams, fears etc. Doctor Clarissa Estes uses the most effective cure ever – people’s wisdom, or the tale. That’s the original source from where all rivers of life start to flow. We have lost the knowledge to understand tales. We get them only as a way of entertaining children. Indeed they are made for children but those children are our pure, uncultured souls. The souls that see behind the images that can dream and believe – just like children do. This is how we understand that there is nothing wrong. There thousands of tales and we are characters in them and all we experience is a different hero in a different story.

We don’t need medicine, we need the strength to believe and live our own tale. Psychology, myths, legends and professional attitude are mixed to create a book which speaks with us. It is our other self and our bed time story after which we just close our eyes, leave the world of rules and taboos and start living in the real world of our tale. This is a book with which every woman has to go into the woods of her nature.